Valeria & Chandler's Wedding Party
Dear Friends,
Thanks for celebrating our wedding with us in Sicily.
Many of you asked if we had a wedding list. We decided to organize a donation to the Italian Society for Cancer Research instead. We know several people who have been hurt by cancer directly or indirectly. Italy boasts great institutions and teams of researchers fighting cancer, which are often underfunded.
So please, if you wished to get us a present, just redirect that sum as a donation. Any contribution is appreciated, but elective.
Hugs and love,

Valeria & Chandler

Cari Amici,
Grazie per festeggiare con noi il nostro matrimonio in Sicilia.
Abbiamo deciso di sostituire la lista di nozze con le donazioni volontarie all'AIRC.
Conosciamo molte persone che sono state colpite dal cancro direttamente o indirettamente. In Italia abbiamo istituzioni d'eccellenza a fantastici team di ricercatori che lottano contro il cancro, ma sono spesso in grave carenza di fondi.
Quindi, se avevate pensato di farci un regalo, sentitevi liberi di sostituirlo con una donazione. Apprezziamo ogni contributo, che comunque rimane facoltativo.
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Valeria & Chandler
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I messaggi dei donatori

    • Carissimi Sposi! We are super sad we can't join you down there but we do really wish you a great great weekend with Friends, Smiles , Wines, Sun and Love. Thanks for being so generous and organizing also this charity found raising - another confirmation from you guys on how great and grateful you are...thanks for helping us to keep in mind that health and joy and extremely precious gifts...wish you a great long lasting Italo-American future! Hugs Swettony's
    • Dear Vale and Chandler, we are really happy for you!! We can't wait for celebrating with you, your friends and family tomorrow!! We wish you a life together sweet as a cannolo and sparkling as prosecco veneto!!
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